Packages and Memberships

We offer a range of memberships to suit all fitness goals, training requirements and budgets. We look forward to welcoming you to our supportive community.


$ 149
  • Want to be at your very best?

Enhance your fitness, strength and confidence with our Premium membership offering. 
Reclaim control of your health, happiness and wellbeing with the very best in personalised training. 
Our expert One-to-One coaching ensures nothing stands in the way of you becoming your best self.

Fit Strong and Healthy

$ 99
  • Want to live a Strong, Fit and Healthy life?

Gain strength, lose fat and transform your body shape with our Gold Level membership. 
Turn back the hands of time by boosting your metabolism. 
Regain the energy and confidence to live life on your terms. 

Body Torque
Fit for Life

$ 49
  • Want to Shape-up, Get Fit and Lose Fat?

Increase your health and start burning fat with our Fundamental Level membership. 
Join a supportive community that will boost your motivation and transform your perspective on fitness forever. 
This is your ticket to start shaping-up, losing fat and getting fit. 


We offer three additional services to compliment your membership inclusions and help you fast-track your strength, health and fitness gains.

6 week Nutrition Consultation and Coaching

$ 349
  • Can be done in person or via skype

Initial 1 hour consultation and assessment.
Weekly follow up consultations and assessments.
Recipe Books, meal plans and shopping list templates.
All the help, coaching and assistance you require.

Personal Training

$ 1299

6 week 2 x per week training.
Bespoke 1 on 1 exercise and nutrition programming and coaching.
3D Body Scan.
Personalised Functional Movement Assessment.
Health Check.
Premium online fitness and nutrition education.
VIP Facebook group.
Access to all BodyTorque seminars, Assessments and challenge programs.

Myzone Heart Rate Monitor and BodyTorque Fitness App

$ 157

Myzone heart rate monitor and fitness app that can be used anywhere at any time.
Keep yourself motivated and track your weekly monthly and yearly progress.
Train smarter, not harder or longer using appropriate heart-rate zones.
Access to more than 50 amazing fitness workouts ranging from 11 to 60 minutes in length.
Access to our amazing Facebook fitness community.

3D Body Composition Scan and Health Check

$ 99
  • Body Scan and fully downloadable report

Breakdown of Fat to Muscle Ratio (important marker of health and longevity).
Age & gender adjusted standards of Body Fat, BMI, Hip/Waist ratio and Health Risks.
Blood Pressure.
Functional Movement screen to determine exercise readiness and program goals.
Cardiovascular Fitness Assessment and results standards
Blood Test Panel Recommendations to take to your GP for Health Check.


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