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[Warts n’ all post]


In the hope that it might help


Over Covid-19 Lockdown – I put on weight.
Not just a little bit either.


Here I was exercising on-line “ZOOMING” every day with you all…
6 days a week.
In fact sometimes twice a day.


4000 myzone-MEPS I was clocking up per month! –
Burning thousands and thousands of calories.
So I figured…
“I’ve been exercising hard – I’ll be able to eat [insert item] no problem as I’m burning a lot.”
Same went with alcohol too. A glass or two of red wine or a beer – on quite a few days.


I was still “eating well” but there was lots of little treats creeping in and alcohol was a regular.
Partly – this was due to being at home and having spare time to burn… and wander to the fridge.
And the other part was because I was craving food from being quite exhausted from the amount of exercise I was doing.


Before I knew it. I’d pretty-much lost my way. 


My eating and drinking was going pear shaped… and starting to spiral out of control.
We were out of lockdown – and I was 6.5kgs heavier!


I couldn’t believe how quickly I gained weight and how heavy I now was.


I was feeling very fit – but I was certainly far from in good shape.
“Bloody hell… all that exercise and now I’m heavier than before!”




Once we got back to the gym – I kept training hard and kept my monthly MEPS and calorie burn high.


Still no weight came off – and now I was even more exhausted as I was back to early mornings every day.


Quite frankly I was in a fair bit of a mess.




So after a bit of soul searching about the fact that as a coach at BT I was far from being an example –


I got on my way and got back to being smart about my approach – and got on with being better.




*So what did I do?
I took my own advice.
The advice – I always give to everyone at the gym.


X I stopped trying to use exercise as a means to burn off calories and make up for bad food choices.
X It literally is a waste of time and a very bad relationship with food and the role exercise should play in a healthy life.
[FACT]Once you are past the age of 30-35
X You cannot make up for bad food choices with more exercise…




Then I set about devising a sensible long term plan….





1. Ditched the ridiculous amount of exercise

I went back to what I know works for me. 3-4 sessions of FIRE per week + 30-60mins of walking on (most) other days


This helped me stop eating and drinking too much and also stopped me from feeling soo tired.

2. I got my shit together in the kitchen

I know how to measure my calorie intake, I know how to cook and prepare the right types of food in the right amounts that work for my body…..
and I know – that if I fail to prep food – I will not make the right choices consistently enough to change.
So every Sunday – with the help of my lovely wife, we would have a big cook up – and my week was sorted.
Then – 6 days a week – I would have:
Breakfast – 2 daytime meals – an Afternoon Snack – Dinner + a red wine plus a bit of dark chocolate to finish my day.
Saturday night – I would let be what ever it would be… (and in all honesty – sometimes Friday night was like this too – but if it was I would eat 1 less meal on Friday during the day to allow for this)
Sometimes it was a night out (a few parties in there), sometimes it was take away or fast food – I didn’t stress about it.


I just wanted it to allow me to still have some freedom each week.


Sunday’s – I would eat just 2 meals but make them what ever I felt like and I always kept them healthy


(kind of like a low-calorie / mini-fast day)



I MADE MYSELF do this food prep – EVERY WEEK.


A 100%  non-negotiable.


[NOTE] You can’t just want the result – you’ve got to be prepared to do the work…. EVERY WEEK and not make excuses.. (which I easily could have on some sundays) as I was tired or busy or just didn’t feel like doing it.


But as time went on and the results started coming – it got easier and faster and more motivating to do this Sunday food prep ritual.




Fast forward now to today and not only am I lighter than I was pre-lockdown, but I am back to where I was at the end of last years BodyTorque summer-xmas challenge 🙂
And what’s more – it’s been easier than ever before.
I haven’t gone without social events
I haven’t starved (in fact – far from it)


I have eaten food I love every day
I am doing a sustainable amount of exercise that I love doing – to make myself stronger and healthier – not to burn off calories
*But most of all – what I have done has been – being accountable and true to myself.
I want to enjoy life


I want to be healthy


I want to feel good about myself


I want to be an example and a leader




I want to be there for my kids and wife and family for a very long time


So I put the plan in place and paid attention every day that I was following through…


And then I stayed patient…very patient.
I used all the tools that we teach at BT – in a smart and sustainable way.
And I feel bloody good for it.




Life is here to be enjoyed team.

Find the right balance and you CAN have your CAKE and eat it too