The Greatest Lessons I’ve Cleaved From 20+ Years in the Fitness Industry

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There are soo many lessons I have learned, tips and tricks I’ve gained, courses I’ve attended, research I’ve read…
But you know what?

Ive narrowed the secret of success down to just 3 things…


1. Have a Goal – and it must be meaningful:

Those that have a clear picture and outcome that they are after – one that is of Great Personal Importance tend to have far more success keeping themselves focused over the longer term.

2. Have a Smart Plan (but let it be flexible enough that it can adapt when needed):

Drifting is not a good strategy for achievement. It is easy to do this if we are not following a week to week plan of attack. Be this food, Exercise, bedtime, strategies to overcome hurdles… these are all parts of a plan that makes sure you are staying on course.

3. Consistency… Just keep at it. 

Don’t get complacent that you’ll start again when its easier, or things calm down or when you’ve got more time.

Those that just keep turning up, find ways to keep following through and overcome road blocks rather than make them excuses… Those that don’t let the odd indiscretion here or there – derail them…
those are the people at BodyTorque that I have seen achieve the most.

They may not have the best circumstances, they may not come to the gym the most – but they damn sure are resilient and consistent at staying the path.

Food for thought 🙂